The purpose of this Privacy Policy is to define the IndustyX’s web privacy policy.


IndustyX’s websites collect some information from those who visit them, as do all websites. This Privacy Policy specifies the information that the IndustryX’s website is permitted to collect from site visitors, what uses of the collected information are permitted, and how it shall be protected.


This Privacy Policy applies to all webpages within IndustryX.org domain.

Information Collected

1. The IndustyX’s website is permitted to ask site visitors to submit personally identifiable information, such as their email address, name, telephone number or street address.
2. The IndustyX may use such personal information for research, public service, or educational programs, and for administrative purposes.
3. The IndustyX’s website is permitted to collect information automatically from a user’s computer or other devices (“User Information”). User Information includes an IP address, which device type, operating system, and browser users are using, what kind of device they are using, and what path users have taken among specific pages on the IndustyX’s website. It is used to assess how the IndustyX’s website is being used and how effective they are, including information on how easy it is to navigate the site and to find specific kinds of information.

Disclosure of Personally Identifiable Information to Third Parties

1. IndustryX normally does not voluntarily disclose personally identifiable information to persons outside of the IndustyX.
2. The IndustyX may disclose personally identifiable information collected from IndustyX Website to third parties only as provided in this section. Such information may be shared with third parties when required by law, such as Michigan’s Freedom of Information Act, the Wayne State University’s Freedom of Information Act policy, or in response to legal processes such as subpoenas and court orders. In addition, personally identifiable information may be disclosed to third parties where (1) permitted by IndustyX policies or applicable law, (2) authorized by a IndustyX contract, (3) the user consents to the disclosure, or (4) disclosure is otherwise authorized for good cause by the Chief Privacy Officer. In the absence or unavailability of the Chief Privacy Officer, such authorization may be made only by the Vice President and General Counsel or the Associate Vice President for Information Technology. In no event, however, may a user’s personally identifiable information be sold to third parties.
3. Credit card information is collected in accordance with the global Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard, which means that it is encrypted, collected and stored in special, segregated servers that are appropriately protected.


The IndustyX is permitted to store some information on the computer of a user visiting the IndustyX website. This is in the form of a file called a ‘cookie’. A cookie helps the IndustyX to recognize the user’s visit, should he/she have visited earlier, but is not linked to the user’s identity. A user can set his/her browser not to accept cookies and can delete them after visiting the IndustyX website.

Tracking Behavior

IndustryX is permitted to use Google Analytics and other technologies to track how users navigate our sites. This data may not include personally identifiable information, although it may track a user’s computer IP address. This information may be shared with Google or the providers of other tracking technologies but will not be used in Google’s products or such other providers’ products.

Server Logs

The IndustyX’s servers are permitted to routinely log information about site visits, including the date, time and length of a user’s visit, which IndustyX sites the user visited and what files the user has downloaded. This information is used to ensure the smooth running of the IndustyX’s sites and to alert the IndustyX of potential problems, such as performance issues and network attacks.

External Links

The IndustyX does not vouch for the privacy policies of sites that might be linked to on IndustryX pages and it encourages users to make themselves aware of other sites’ privacy policies.

Security Practice

IndustyX endeavors to protect users’ personally identifiable information and other data that is supplied from unauthorized access and damage. The IndustyX will use its best efforts to ensure appropriate security measures are in place and enforced.

User Consent

By using the IndustryX website, users consent to this Privacy Policy in addition to other specific policies applicable to a particular site within the IndustryX.org domain.

Changes to this Policy

It is occasionally necessary to change this Privacy Policy, usually in response to changes in technology. The IndustyX will post such changes on the IndustyX Privacy Policy webpage.

Contact Information

If a user has any questions regarding this Privacy Policy or about his/her information on the IndustyX website, the user may contact info@IndustyX.org


This IndustyX Policy is revocable by the President at any time and without notice.