Technology, globalization and socio-political changes are bringing about massive disruption across all industries. As companies adopt and adjust to Industry 4.0 initiatives, access to holistic programs, guidance and expertise is imperative.

Established in Detroit, a historic manufacturing and innovation hub, IndustryX has both an advantage and a legacy to uphold. Our roots inspire our vision for the center — to research, develop and execute holistic programs for Southeast Michigan businesses adapting to modern technological initiatives and business demands. Led by Wayne State University, a Carnegie Tier 1 doctoral research university with world-class academic programs, research facilities and experienced faculty, the IndustryX ecosystem is composed of industry, technology partners and our extended network of executives, agencies and Wayne State faculty and scientists. Our extensive expertise in collaborative research, development and industry partnerships places us in a position to lead in the disrupted environment.

As markets remain unpredictable and highly competitive, IndustryX seeks to transform the industrial landscape of Southeast Michigan and surrounding areas through industry projects, workforce development, venture and world-class talent. Join us as we establish our ecosystem!

IndustryX | About US


IndustryX is a center for operational excellence led by Wayne State University that fosters innovation, evolution and operational advancement with an extended network of industry, academics, agencies, students and society.


Develop a structured innovation ecosystem that leverages technology and human ingenuity to design and maintain world-class operations and services, accelerating operational efficiency and fostering end-to-end enterprise growth.

Core Beliefs

IndustryX is much more than a collection of tools! It is about creating holistic solutions; advancing workforce development and change management; and cultivating an innovative, data-driven business culture.

IndustryX |About Us

Key Objectives

Our End-to-End Transformation Model

IndustryX does not only provide technological solutions to improve operations, it creates customized, end-to-end transformation programs that incorporate four key elements


Businesses must balance all four elements to succeed!

Our Value proposition


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