Closed borders and shifts in demand have heavily impacted fleets during the COVID-19 pandemic. In response, IndustryX Technology Partner HERE Technologies developed essential automated solutions to help fleet managers safely and efficiently supervise drivers and vehicles.

With HERE Cellular Signals and fleet management API, drivers maintain a reliable connection with their managers by locating the best mobile operators on a map. The  fleet management tool also allows drivers to determine appropriate routes based on height and weight clearances.

HERE’s automated fleet optimization tool for fleet management uses real-time data to alert managers of fuel costs, shorter routes, toll booths, unload/load time and more. Once items have been unloaded, HERE Tracking allows to track deliveries, pickups and the time in between. The real-time location data application alerts managers of any transportation conflicts, such as road closures, to find a solution for efficient transportation of goods and services. Additionally, this tool helps fleets report accurate estimated times of arrival and geofences.

Learn more about the interconnected HERE Technologies fleet management tools here:

As a company of over 8,000 employees all focused on the concept of location and the potential it has to radically improve the way we do business, the way we get around and the way we live, HERE Technologies is shaping the future by redefining what was formerly known as a map. Learn more about HERE at 

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