Megatrends or structural shifts emerging in the economic macro environment are shaping our world by driving a change in the global economy, business and society. Corporations that understand and leverage megatrends can shape business strategies accordingly to become more resilient and transformative in the future.

In collaboration with the World Economic Forum, Roland Berger has developed a comprehensive study for analyzing and understanding global megatrends. The Compendium 2030 underlines the seven most significant megatrends, critical for companies seeking sustainable growth in a rapidly changing global environment and better methods of governing current and future risks and opportunities.


Credits: Roland Berger, “Megatrends: A Bigger Picture For a Better Strategy.” Accessed: December 20, 2020.

Pooja Ramesh received her undergraduate degree in accounts and finance from Mount Carmel College and is working toward completing her master’s degree in data science and business analytics from Wayne State University. She believes in the power of an analytical thought process and is constantly looking for avenues to craft data-driven solutions for a variety of clients and worthy causes. Outside of the world of big data, Pooja has been practicing Indian classical music for over 15 years and has a senior grade education in that domain. She has volunteered at the Alzheimer’s Association and Friendship Circle, which has enabled her to work with nonprofit organizations and drive tangible progress in communities where she works and lives.

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