Accelerating Operations Transformation with Industry 4.0

Webinar Overview

If we are going to be frank about it, it took us nearly 50 years to implement the Toyota production system concepts in the form of Lean Manufacturing. Just imagine what will happen when we effectively leverage advanced Industry 4.0 technologies.

In our first webinar of the Industry 4.0 series, we will discuss best practices to achieve operational excellence through the lens of data analysis, IIoT, supply chain and change management. We will analyze companies with efficient, innovative business models and discuss the necessary steps those businesses took to reach maximum potential.

Who we are

IndustryX is a center for operational excellence at Wayne Statec University fosters innovation, evolution and operational advancement with an extended network of industry, academics, agencies, students and society. Our mission is to develop a structured innovation ecosystem that leverages technology and human skills to design and maintain world class operations and services, accelerating end-to-end enterprise growth.

Industrie Reply specializes in three major areas including supply chain execution (SCE), manufacturing/IoT, and customer experience (Cx). Industrie Reply’s focus on industry 4.0 methodologies helps customers to achieve the highest levels of efficiency through comprehensive consulting and technology solutions.

Start Time

12:00 am

August 27, 2020

Finish Time

12:00 am

August 27, 2020



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